Nicolás Bedel

Nicolás Bedel’s paintings are a permanent tribute to his two greatest passions: nature and pictorial technique. His landscapes, seas, galaxies and cosmos appear to be real, not in terms of hyperrealism but in a sensorial level where one gets allured by them. Something similar to an oneiric stage that is presented to us and suddenly "we are there”, living the works from the inside out and it seems, for a moment, as if we had have entered another dimension.

In reference to Bedel's technique, it is a unique creation born from the combination of the most traditional ways of painting and from the most revolutionary experimentations on this discipline; a mix of photoluminescent pigments, pharmaceutical ingredients and traditional pigments and lacquers, classic paintbrushes but also torches, syringes and secret tools.

The combination of all these elements brings off a picture rich in layers and reliefs, and because the resin gets blended with the paint, the artwork obtains different dimensions. At the same time the effect of the layers creates a work with different elements that appear or fade away and colors that change, depending on the position from where the artwork is looked at.

Years ago, the fluorescence came into his paintings. This is a light phenomenon in which the material has the power of absorbing the energy and saving it in form of light to then radiate it again. Thanks to the properties of the photoluminescent pigments he works with, natural or artificial light is absorbed charging them up and then revealing a great variety of colors: green, blue, red, orange and pink, turning the light into another element of the artwork.

We can only imagine what happens at his studio, but it seems that there always occurs something of alchemy or magic that we cannot reach.