Cópula vegetal y alba

Vicente Grondona y Catalina León

Cópula Vegetal, by Vicente Grondona, is composed of six pieces, leafy images of different colors, and at the same time monochromatic water mirrors that become relentless when they show, subtly, the presence of a man that stayed camouflaged in its own romance with nature; as if it itself dressed as a voluptuous woman to seduce him and make him fall in love with her, to then trap him and convert him into an invisible man. An absent man that can be seen, omnipresent in these landscapes. It’s his own invisibility that keeps modifying the scenery: even if we can’t see him, we can perceive him and we, as spectators, register him in our own bod.

The combination of a maniac and impressionist trace, that at the same time is random and psychedelic, transforms the parts of this romantic tale that thanks to the chromatic progression of each landscape keeps achieving a particular in crescendo.