New Chicks on the Block

Lucía Oceguera, Mariana Magdaleno, Kari Mayo…

Anita Braconi, Catalina León, Eloisa Ballivian, Gimena Macri, Kari Mayo, Lucía Oceguera,
Marcolina Dipierro, Mariana Magdaleno, Pilar Córdoba, Romina Salem, Rosario Zorraquín, Susana Rodríguez, Tatiana Musi, Veronica Romano.

Since the opening of our space, we have forged a special relation with new and not so new artists. Each one of them from different supports and formats, presents a different and parallel universe from the others, tracing images that form a universe that isn’t worn out of the feminine, according to its time.

In this exhibition we gather some of the artists we work with at the gallery, and we created a mosaic through their pieces, a reflection of this diversity and the new image that women in the world of contemporary art are imposing nowadays.