Temblar la forma [Trembling shape], the most recent solo exhibition by Argentinian artist Sol Pipkin, is now on view in Machete

"Inspiration is the word that has worked as driving force for Domitila Bedel. Entrepreneur and mother, she is the owner of Machete Galería and one of our 31 women that we love by She's Mercedes." (Una mujer en construcción [A woman in construction], QUIÉN Magazine, 2019)

Our artists Sol Pipkin and Diego Berruecos were part of the Casa Wabi residency during February 2019. Their work was permeated by the coexistence with local communities and the biodiversity that surrounds the coast of Oaxaca. Each of them developed a particular project through a social and cultural environment.

"Domitila Bedel: Gallery owner, director of  Machete Consultant & Contemporary Art Space." (31 mujeres que amamos [31 women that we love], QUIÉN Magazine, 2019)

Machete Gallery is part of this year's edition of Zona Maco. In our booth at NP22, we present works by Abraham González Pacheco (San Simón el alto, Malinalco, 1989), Ana Gallardo (Rosario,1958), Artemio (Ciudad de México, 1976), Marcos Castro (Ciudad de México, 1981), Natalia Ortega Gámez (Santo Domingo, 1980), Sol Pipkin (Chubut, 1983) and Paula Cortazar (Monterrey, 1991).   

"La hoguera de las vanidades is an installation in MACHETE gallery in which Artemio replicates in a minimum and perfect scale, a contemporary art fair." (Local MX, 2019)