Iván Krassoievitch & Diego Pérez

Games are a learning tool that has been historically used to promote and develop creative thinking. They have also served to assist sociability and teamwork. Many times, these goals are achieved through game’s imitation of aspects found in real life, while other times, it is by creating unprecedented conditions that arise from the imagination and the ability to envision new possible realities.

The moments that are designed for play are essentially related to leisure and the use of spare time for pleasant activities. There is, nevertheless, a point in which art and play come together in an educational and aesthetical mission; where time is transformed and existence becomes more comprehensible and manageable, or simply more recognizable.

It is not by accident then, that when Iván Krassoievitch and Diego Pérez were proposed a collaborative exhibition, the result was a project with the characteristics of Pasatiempo: two team mates get together and through the use of aimed leisure, their visions engage in dialogue. The works that compose this show are the ideal meeting point of these two artists’ universes, where beauty is amusing and determined by chance, and to enjoy it, having someone to play with is always better.

Domitila Bedel